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Smooth Changes' yard art

These pictures show you what I have been doing lately. As you can see I have created 3-dimensional sculptures for the garden, hence the new YARD ART.

Rage Hayman Fire Depression BoundariesBoundaries

YARD ART can be very attractive inside your home too and will always be a good conversation piece. Just be aware that your kitty will love to climb and scratch on the branches! My kitty especially loves to go for the birds nesting on some of them. I like to see it as a new type of scratch post for the kitty that has everything.

September 11 Life Lines Emotional Overload Almost ControlledAlmost Controlled

YARD ART sculptures and branches are made of real tree branches that I found in my neighborhood. Old blankets and sweaters, yarn, odd knitted or crochet pieces, fabric, used packing material or other recycled objects are being used to give them a beautiful new identity. Some of them have weathered torrential rains and sunshine since the beginning of summer. Their vibrant colors have dulled a bit, otherwise they are still fine.

All of them are for sale.

YARD ART can be custom made for your garden or home.
For classes, private showings or custom work please contact me here.