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This bench symbolizes the childhood bliss that survivors were yearning for while they were being sexually violated, scared and shamed, left unprotected and feeling frightened and worthless.
A black ribbon on the back leg is in memory of the children who did not make it because they became lost to suicide or debilitating addictions.

INNOCENCE symbolizes the empowerment survivors need to recreate the childhood they were robbed of in order to reinvent themselves, only this time with healthy self esteem and self worth.

Recreation is Empowerment.

I created INNOCENCE to purge myself from countless sad stories I listened to as my clients told them to me and which we worked on in our therapy sessions. I felt the strong urge to transform all that darkness, hopelessness and sadness into something positive, tangible and beautiful. At the same time I let my own Inner Child play happily while working on the bench.

INNOCENCE represents many individual stories, interwoven into colorful images symbolizing countless voices whose surviving spirits reclaimed their voices through creativity.

INNOCENCE is a traveling display in memory of all who have been impacted by sexual violence.

Groups, businesses, individuals and organizations who would like to sponsor and/or house INNOCENCE for a while on their premises can contact me here.