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Learn the basic tapping points as you are tapping along with me.

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TRANCE WORKS - Baerbel's Inner Child is playing!

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After very busy years on the phone with my wonderful clients from all over the world I am now dividing my time between therapy work and Fiber Art. I needed to play more, to let my creative ideas flow to the surface and transfer them into something tangible in order to avoid feeling burned out.                         


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Raising your SEROTONIN Level with EFT!

Do you feel depressed, sad, anxious, tired or just moody?

The reason for that could be that your Serotonin level is low, too low to be happy and motivated. Serotonin is our feel-good or happiness hormone, one that our body produces when we exercise and when we eat the right food that our brain needs to produce Serotonin.

Tap along with this exercise and feel yourself becoming increasingly focused, light hearted, ready to take on what life has waiting for you.

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