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art expressions

Baerbel's art expressions for emotional healing

This gallery features my own creative expressions, done during what I like to call "challenging times". Just like people write in their journals, I create a wall hanging. The inspirations come from within. In that work I will then include the emotions, thoughts, memories, pains and struggles this particular time in my life is bringing up for me. By working with textiles, fibers, paints and yarns I am able to release and let go of what is emotionally upsetting me. By letting out the interior images I unleash potent healing forces.

Rage Hayman Fire Depression Boundaries

There is a passionate driving force behind it all: to explore feelings in colors and textures!

Playing with vibrant colors gives me an amazing sense of excitement each time I create a new piece. As I design as I go, the piece becomes the expression of ever changing emotions and moods. It also seems to soak up the negativity that kept me blocked and frustrated before. Although I only have vague ideas of how I am going to proceed with the design the next day, while in the process of putting the art piece together I feel liberated and whole again.

September 11 Life Lines Emotional Overload Almost Controlled

Life is too short to follow rules while working creatively!

I feel in no way restrained by traditional attitudes or practices. I enjoy experimenting and exploring the "what ifs" by pushing through limitations. It gives me great pleasure to interpret an idea and follow through with it (or not!), until I feel satisfied with the surface, the color or texture I am looking for.

Unexpected Growth Three Pieces Crazy Chair Hypnotic Tuesdays

I love this form of expressing emotions, it is truly empowering.

It instantly rebuilds self-esteem and confidence in our own resources, it helps us get up and walk again, when something or someone has knocked us down. Art expressions - using simple materials and creating astonishing outlets for all kinds of problems - are an important part of therapy that I practice with my clients whenever possible. I love to motivate others into learning how to relax and play. I have witnessed amazing healing taking place, emotional as well as physical.

I am available for lectures and workshops, please contact me to discuss this further.