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Any advice, counseling and/or services received from Baerbel Froehlin of Smooth Changes Therapies are within the parameters of personal and motivational hypnosis, EFT, coaching and hypnotherapy, which may include spiritual philosophy. Any services, advice and/or counseling received from Baerbel Froehlin are not psychotherapy.

Description of Baerbel Froehlin's coaching/counseling methods

Baerbel facilitates the clients identifying and clarifying problems, issues, conflicts and/or behavior patterns to be changed and the positive goals to achieve (e.g. client is a smoker and wishes to be a non-smoker). Then she facilitates/coaches the client to achieve the goals identified. Baerbel's facilitation and coaching includes the use of EFT, suggestion, imagery, hypnosis and teaching the client suggestion management, self-hypnosis, autosuggestion, goal achievement so that the client is actively involved in attaining and maintaining the goals s/he identified. Baerbel's facilitation is question-based and can involve spiritual philosophy.