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"Baerbel is a very excellent facilitator. She provides a safe environment and guidance to address my dark issues that dragged me down."

" are very perceptive and sensitive to each individual..."

"... I love Baerbel very much. She gives my heart such great care."
Susan W., Divide, CO

"...darling - very engaged in her work - not just going through the notions - easy to like; felt safe!"

"Baerbel is very intuitive. What she accomplishes in such a short time is amazing. You will learn, absorb and grow!"
Cindy M., Woodland Park

"...excellent, intuitive, genuine caring, empathetic, supportive, matter of fact. "
Joanna D., Manitou Springs

"...very enthusiastic, knowledgeable, determined and gifted."

"...very intuitive and caring ..."

"The facilitator is the best. I am very confident that I know how to use this technique. I feel I have direction and purpose. I appreciate her patience ... Thanks, Baerbel!"