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Violent coughing and vomiting: "I get upset when I connect to empowering!"

Gillian is a client of mine; I work with her on the phone. As we're getting really close now to the end of her therapy she tells this story about her empowerment.

During some of our phone sessions Gillian's vomiting was so violent that half of the time I had her do deep breathing, so she was able to relax and stop focusing on her negative emotions. Whenever she talked about a painful memory or we got close to some traumatic event or even just an intense, negative feeling she would weep, cough and vomit violently for several minutes. As soon as we got to the next issue following her deep breathing, she would start all over again. Gillian was "loaded" with feeling rejected and humiliated by her mother. Basically, we went through a list of her most traumatic memories, working them off one after one.

Her therapy includes EFT, deep breathing exercises and hypnosis tapes that she listens to daily.
Because of EFT she is finally able to talk about her experiences calmly, without the extremely exhausting vomiting attacks.

Here is Gillian's story:

"I started about 20 years ago trying to find myself...I was not unhappily married. Just that my 2 kids were growing and my husbands career ambitions had plateaued and now my career (which I found by accident) started becoming pretty successful, and then everything fell apart. Well my focus went on me and my interest, and I found myself being not supported. I had traditionally focused on making my husband and children happy and forgot about me. I loved them more than I loved myself. Well looking inside was not for my husband, so I went on my own and did 20 years of different types of talk and role playing therapy. I grew intellectually, but not really emotionally. Some therapy was pretty expensive and some free.

Eventually, I started doing deep breathing therapy, hypnosis therapy and EFT....well that got some clarity, but what got exposed was really contradictory thoughts that would go off when I tried to focus on one thing. This and the negative thoughts made me seem intelligent but emotionally negative. (I wasn't fully collapsing the core beliefs...even though I was always working on them).

When I started doing the deep breathing therapy and eventually EFT I started to experience upsets, coughing and violent vomiting.

Well there was releasing and clearing that came with I just kept going, with my heavy burden and problematic response. I did find that taking Pedialyte (a child's electrolyte fluid replacement) helped to replace mine after the vomiting. I was getting the EFT newsletter and read it faithfully, and one day I saw a note about a woman who was raised in an Amish community: Cold Calling: "I'm a second-class citizen, and I have to keep my mouth shut!" She got out, but her self-esteem was lacking and she had a job in sales and not able to succeed.

She turned to Baerbel Froehlin and was very soon able to break out of her conditioning, to be her own person.

Well I knew I had that self-esteem problem (and I couldn't get out of my conditioning). I just couldn't break out. Most of which was my problem of getting in my own way or doing the wrong thing for myself. (childhood programming). I made an appointment with Baerbel and after 2 months I find myself realizing why I coughed and vomited violently.

I just figured it out the other day, I get upset when I connect to empowering. (I thought before that I just coughed and vomited...but I really didn't realize that I physically get upset when I connect to the negative energy...I get emotionally upset...up until then it is just in my mind a thing I do....I really hadn't realized that I was upset. I just saw it as something I do and I would appologize because it was so annoying and embarassing doing it in front of others. I couldn't figure out how in telephone conference classes other people could do the work without coughing or vomiting. I was just detached from my emotions. So when I coughed or vomited it means I was upset with that particular statement.

Also, I feel that I have made my final breakthrough, integrated and able to have my full life.
Nana nana nana to all the naesayers...I made it!
Thanks, Baerbel! I finally, with your my thoughts positive!
I feel empowered and in control of my life.
I don't get in my own way and I don't hold myself back.
Woman power, hurrah!"

Blessings, Gillian