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"What if it had been my daughter?"

EFT provides comfort at tragic death of friend's son

This is the letter of my client Andrea.
Andrea was in great distress when she called me for help in a crisis. Her friend's son Morgan was in the ER in a coma. We only did a half-hour session on the phone, as she was constantly watching the development with Morgan.

With her tapping she has provided enormous support for her friend Tamrah, who tragically lost her son the next day. Andrea is a wonderful and courageous woman who wanted to do a Live EFT session on my podcast radio show, to help others who may be in a crisis situation, showing them what EFT was able to do for her. As she told me, it was the best thing for her, to turn around the sadness and make some sense out of what had happened. In our 20-minute session we addressed her fear of losing her own daughter. "What if it had been my daughter?" and "I just really can't believe this even happened."

People can listen to the recorded session with her contact info or download it to an MP3 player. Another follow-up session with Andrea is scheduled in a few days and will also be at

My girl friend Tamrah discovered the EFT web site and shared it with me; we both attended the EFT Masters event in Denver in 2007. We've both consistently and successfully used tapping on everything from physical aches and pains to emotional upheavals.

Tamrah's teenage-son Morgan was sick, he wasn't feeling well for a week or two, but we all thought it was allergies or a spring cold, until Morgan had quit breathing and they were taking him to the hospital by ambulance. In the emergency room the prognosis wasn't good. No one was sure how long Morgan had gone without oxygen, and the medical team were getting no response from him. He was placed on a respirator and we were told he was in a coma. Sometime during all of this chaos Tamrah said "Call Gary Craig. See if we can get a tapping circle or something going for Morgan". So I made the phone call and talked to Gary. He recommended that I find someone in my area to help, which lead me to Baerbel. She specializes in emotional emergencies, it was a perfect fit.

Baerbel and I had a half-hour session that evening and we tapped on my feelings of helplessness, my intention to give Morgan and Tamrah the clearest and most helpful support possible, the doctors strength and compassion, and many other things.

Tears come to me now just thinking about it.

The strange thing is that they are not tears of sadness or pain. I don't have the feeling that what happened was wrong in any way, or that it happened in a way that it was not supposed to. Although there was some fear and definite acknowledgement of the tragedy that was happening in front of me, at the same time it was one of the most profound experiences of my life and my primary emotion was a strong connection to the honor and privilege of being able to witness it. I'm sure EFT and Baerbel played a large part in clearing the negative emotions and letting me be present to the awesome event that death is.

I was in the hospital room the next day when Morgan was removed from the respirator and died. He was surrounded by his family and the love in the room was palpable and almost overwhelming. Tamrah sang to him his favorite song when he was little. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. I spent a lot of time with Tamrah and her family during the next week, including going to the visitation and the funeral. Somehow (I expect it had a lot to do with the almost constant tapping that we were both doing) I was able to just be an empty space for events to occur in. It was almost surreal. Although the sadness and the grief around this event touched me, it didn't overwhelm me. I believe I was able to make a huge difference for Tamrah and her family by being a calm presence with absolutely no judgments about either them or the event itself. It was really an honor to walk this journey with them.

Baerbel and I scheduled a follow-up, which was recorded for her internet radio show and which we performed just the other day, about a month after Morgan died. We worked on my feelings of safety - I have a daughter almost exactly Morgan's age. I had a lot of thoughts around "What if it had been my daughter?" and "I just really can't believe this even happened." Baerbel used some inspired set-up phrases and we tapped it all away. When I listened to the taped session later, I could even hear the changes in my own voice as I released the negative. Another thing I noticed when listening to the session is that most of the stuff we tapped on is so completely gone that I didn't even remember that I had struggled with it. I'm so grateful that I've had this tool to help me through this time in my life with a minimal amount of pain and suffering.

Andrea Quinn

How amazing!

Love to all...

Baerbel Froehlin, CHt./HypnoCoach, EFT-ADV