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Baerbel Froehlin, Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, founded the practice Smooth Changes based on her philosophy "You can make your own life better." Baerbel's speciality is "acute crises management" for complex emotional issues and the physical symptoms that often accompany them. The healing modality that gives her great success with clients is EFT.

Baerbel Froehlin, EFT-ADV. Expert and certified Hypnotherapist, founded the company SMOOTH CHANGES. Located in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado she is also a Life Coach, artist, teacher and Health and Wellness Facilitator. She is an experienced EFT practitioner and holds the Advanced Certificate of Completion for EFT. Baerbel is a contributing author of articles to the EFT website as well as other websites for Self-Growth and Self-Improvement.

"There is always the power to go on
no matter what challenges.
YOU can make it better."

Baerbel believes this because she learned it through the experiences of her own life. On escape from East Germany, life in a refugee camp and chronic childhood abuse were her stimuli for growth. Her successful career as a fiber artist was interrupted by an accident that left her in constant pain. Once again, Baerbel's belief, '"You can make your own life better", was her inspiration. Through the study and mastery of Hypnotherapy first and later by specializing in EFT, she has used that powerful combination to finally cure her pain and limitations.

Baerbel shares what she has learned, with her clients as THE VOICE on Smooth Changes' CD's, Teleclasses, on her Radio Show and in group and individual sessions. She successfully coaches her clients on how to control health problems and empower themselves in all areas of their lives. She provides her clients with their individual "Tool box of resources" that will enable them to always make their lives better, during and after therapy.

With her genuine concern for her clients she does her best therapeutic work in a crisis. Her sensitivity, compassion and healing skills are at their peak in a crisis that is deep, complicated and complex.

Through ADVANCED THERAPY in supercharged format, powerful and effective, Clients experience genuine and lasting relief during the first session.