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Learn the basic tapping points as you are tapping along with me.

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Acute Crisis Management is my speciality. I'm the person to call when you are in a crisis that is complex and deep. Contact me to make an appointment for an EFT phone session. You may call in from a place of your choice, no more wasting time and travel expenses.

EFT is time efficient, provides speedy recovery and lasting results. With your participation, most issues we deal with can be resolved in a few sessions. However, the number of sessions is depending on the complexity of your issue. More profound problems may require more therapy time.

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what Baerbel's clients have to say . . .

"..... I love the ""TAPPING ALONG"" CD and use it every time I am in my car. You address every issue on that CD! And I feel relaxed after the tapping. Your voice is very comforting and loving!

Since our fantastic meeting on Saturday I have had many positive changes. My IBS continues to feel better and my stress level has gone down, I do not feel anxiety eating my guts. I feel hopeful, more playful and trusting. I am deeply and profoundly changed. In fact I had a very stressful situation arise at work....

….. The whole concept of being negative to myself in this situation is gone…….All was positive, I did not stress myself out! I am free of negativity! Life is good….. I look so forward to continue learning EFT and working with you, Baerbel !

Words do not express the gratitude I feel. Helping someone like me with so much trauma is no small task. Thank you for showing me a better way to live my life. I do not have missing limbs yet I have lived my life handicapped doing my best to adjust in spite of it all. I now am hopeful I can live my life as a whole healthy person and grow my “missing limbs” back. You truly do Gods work and are very experienced and intuitive!"

J.Johnson, Colorado Springs

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